Understanding French Wines in NO DECANTING!®

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Date(s) - July 7, 2020 - September 29, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


We are live on Zoom on Tue & Fri at 7pm from 14 August to 29 September to taste & pair with authentic recipes the greatest Wines of FRANCE!

Understanding French Wines in No Decanting!®



The course will cover, in detail, the fundamental wines produced in the 13 most representative wine regions of France.

The duration will be around 7 weeks and will start on 14 August.

It will consist of 13 master classes plus one free introductory class held on a rolling basis, with guided wine tastings, practical exercises, sensorial exercises and food pairing tutorials according to the No Decanting!® principles.

It is intended for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people.



Master classes will be held live on Zoom at 7pm, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each class will last for about 2 hours, allowing you to taste each wine along its natural evolution in the glass and in pairing with your meal.

Up to 5 bottles can be opened and tasted during each session. It is equally possible to open only 1 bottle and follow its evolution in the glass…from aperitif to dessert, according to the in No Decanting!® technique.

Getting your wines

You will receive a list of suitable Italian wines to buy, carefully selected by No Decanting!® to reflect the typical characteristics of their grape varietals and the unique identity of their terroir. The bottles are readily available on the market and can be purchased, either online or at a physical wine-store, ahead of the course or before every masterclass.

If you choose to enrol in the whole course, we suggest to purchase your wines before its start-date from a suggested website and at a promotional price.

Should you choose to do so, you will be provided with guidelines on how to place your online order after securing your place in the course. Please note that it generally takes up to 6-8 working days to receive the purchased wines if you are based in the UK.

Should instead decide to join one or more of our masterclasses after the start date of the course, you will then receive a list of possible wines to purchase, either online or from a physical wine store of your choice, immediately after your booking.

In this case, the wines might differ from those bought by the other participants. If you wish to purchase those very same wines, please bear in mind that your order will have to be placed online before the masterclass and delivery times might vary according to your delivery address.

A matching menu of authentic recipes that can easily be prepared at home will be available for each masterclass. There will be plant-based options and take-away alternatives for those that do not wish to cook at home.

All the pairings are designed in No Decanting!® to maximise the hedonistic pleasure of both the wines in the glass and the food on the table.

If you have a food intolerance or an allergy, a number of tailored meals will be suggested for you.

Learning Objectives

After each master class, you will be able to:

– challenge many of the wide-spread myths that still make wine an elitist and snobbish beverage in our society

– pick a good bottle of French regional wine from any supermarket, local wine merchant, online shop or restaurant wine-list

– recognise, serve, taste and successfully pair with food any bottle from a selected French wine region like a Pro, while at home or out with family, colleagues or friends

– grasp the differences between a terroir-driven wine, a bottle from a modernist producer or a mass-produced offering

– assess the quality of a wine based on its sensorial analysis

– explore the authentic cuisine of each wine region

and, ultimately

– talk about French wines with competence…even in front of the most pretentious connoisseur!!!


You will be assigned optional homework in the form of additional wines to taste, which can be purchased together with the course wines at a discounted rate, and supplementary reading materials to further your understanding of every wine region.

A free introductory session before the start date of the course will allow you to learn the fundamentals of wine & food tasting in No Decanting!®, become familiar with the structure of the master classes and set up the necessary online tools.

Upon completion of the full course, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

Nicola Bodano, founder of No Decanting!®, will host the master classes.

Promo Offers, Bookings, Fees and Refunds


If you wish to purchase the whole course you will get it at the promotional lockdown fee of 520 pounds per person or 40 pounds per session for 13 master classes plus one free introductory class (more than 25% off the original 700 pounds fee).

HURRY! This offer is valid ONLY up to 7 days before the start-date of the course!!


If you are a couple and wish to purchase the whole course you will get it at the promotional lockdown fee of 700 pounds per couple, or 25 pounds per session per individual, for 13 master classes plus one free introductory class (at 50% off the original 700 pounds fee, or 50 pounds per session, per single participant).

HURRY! This offer is valid ONLY up to 14 days before the start-date of the course!!



It is possible to attend one or more individual master classes picked from the suggested timetable below at a nominal fee of 50 pounds per person.

Once you have booked a ticket on one of our masterclasses, you will receive an email with your invitation to the Zoom meeeting for the next event in the calendar.

You will also receive a document named Your Guide, which forms part of of the masterclass as it contains all the necessary materials to take part to the event, including: the menu for the evening, the full list of suggested wines (if not already received) with service instructions, together with a series of matching recipes, with detailed preparation guidelines, to have ready on the day.

Should you decide to cancel or decide not to attend one or more masterclasses, you will receive a refund in the form of a voucher to use in the same masterclass or masterclasses, at a future date.

For more Info

info@nodecanting.com – sales@nodecanting.com


Free Intro -31 July

I. Alsace – 14 August

II. Rhone – 18 August

III. Burgundy – 21 August

IV. Bordeaux – 25 August

V. Champagne – 28 August

VI. Sud-Ouest – 1 September

VII. Beaujolais – 4 September

VIII. Jura – 8 September

IX. Loire – 11 September

X. Languedoc – 18 September

XI. Provence – 22 September

XII. Savoie – 25 September

XIII. Corsica – 29 September