How2RMIT Induction (Postgraduate Students, Wine and Cheese networking)

Date(s) - March 6, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Garden Building (Building 10, Level 5, Room 89)


About to start your RMIT adventure?


How2RMIT helps you achieve the best possible start to your RMIT journey – linking you with insider tips and tricks from the students who work for RMIT.


In a 45 minute session, you will find out how to:


  • MANAGE your essentials – email, fees, enrolment, timetable and more
  • ORGANISE yourself for a better study+life balance
  • UNDERSTAND RMIT systems, processes and terminology
  • EXPLORE RMIT services that support your success – careers, mentoring, counselling, academic support and more
  • DISCOVER the hidden gems available to all RMIT students – cafes, hang outs, calm zones, campus stores, discounts & deals and more
  • CONNECT with people and make new friends – clubs & societies, trips & tours, food & dance events and more


This How2RMIT Induction is tailored for postgraduate students and will be followed by an opportunity to network with fellow students with wine and cheese provided.

You’ll also walk away with some special free stuff.


How2RMIT – a hands on introduction to your RMIT adventure

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