How to Taste Wine and Cheese

Date(s) - March 13, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Mill City Cheesemongers


Sound silly? Of course you know how to eat and how to taste! But – in this class, we’ll talk about the basics of sensory analysis, flavor profiles, and what it really means when someone says a wine is “dry” or a cheese is “sharp.” We’ll taste a variety of different combinations and work with a flavor wheel to create the beginnings of a tasting journal.

Never fear – we won’t take ourselves too seriously. This is about having fun and trying something new, not about learning the vocabulary of food and wine “snobbery.” This session takes on compelling questions like:

– Does wine taste different when you slurp?

– Does cheese taste different when you hold your nose?

Have a few laughs along with a few great tastes!

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