Flight Wine School: Southern Italy…Where we would like to live

Date(s) - March 28, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Flight Wine Bar


PASTA!!! No, just kidding. But! We’ll do something more exciting. We will go through our cellar and pick some of our gems from Puglia, Umbria, Sardenia, Sicily, Campania, and other Southern Italian regions that are under-represented on wine lists. We have no doubt you will love tasting though these wines with us and discovering native grapes in these regions.

Flight Wine Bar offers a wine tasting class on the last Saturday of every month as part of a wine education series that began in January 2018. Each class includes a tasting of at least six wines, taking guests on a global journey exploring the tastes and terroir of the world’s finest wine regions. Complimentary bites are included. Kabir Amir and Swati Bose, sommeliers and owners of Flight, lead the class on an exploration of the vast world of wine, including the processes associated with making wine and the various grape varieties and regions, with additional topics incorporated each month.

We began our first class, Back to Basics, by exploring aromas, flavors profiles, learning to identify what we like, how to navigate wine lists, as well as how to buy wines to continue to learn more about them and widening our palates. Over the course of the year we focused on countries including France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary and USA – and the various regions and wines found in these territories. We delved into wine styles and specific grapes to explore how one grape can produce wines that vary greatly in flavor and style. We tasted through pinot noirs, chardonnays, and ended the year with sparkling wines and of course, Champagne!

We started 2019 by returning to France, Italy and Spain. We dove deeper into their red wines. Each of these countries produce a vast amount and variety of wine. In 2018, we scratched the surface by talking and tasting through a few of their wines. In 2019, we hoped to give you a better understanding of their main red wines and the regions that produce them. We then moved on to natural wines, explored the world of rosés, took a trip through South Africa, tasted through some non-traditional sparkling wines of the world included pet-nats, and ended the last part of the year by exploring the Balkans and New Zealand and Australia. We had some delightful guest teaches from Broadbent, the Balkan Wine Project, and Wine Dog Imports.

We have some exciting classes planned for 2020. We started January with a trip to Portugal with a fantastic guest teacher from Olé Imports, Molly Christhilf Finnegan.In February, we have two classes! A special class with visiting winemaker Michael Huber from Austria. Then we tasted through the valley of Rhone. Stay tuned for more!