Dessert Wines of the World, a comprehensive overview

Date(s) - December 17, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

North Loop Wine and Spirits


Twin Cities Wine Education is proud to present a new class that will “stick” in your brain!

If there is one category of wine that doesn’t get the attention or respect it deserves, this is it. Also, if there’s one category that has far more diversity than most people realize, this is also it!

DESSERT WINES OF THE WORLD: A comprehensive overview

Dessert Wines of the World will cover the wide range of incredible ‘stickies’ that are out there, but often misunderstood.

We will start with the historical reasons behind dessert wine, focusing on the chemistry of winemaking and why dessert wines are more stable and age-worthy than many of their dry wine counterparts. From the shipping of Port to England to the enjoyment the Americas found from the wines of Madeira, we will cover a wide swath of information.

Then we will explore the geographical and stylistic diversity of dessert wines. The discussion will include sparkling dessert wines, Vin Doux Natural, Sherry, Port, Madeira, Noble Rot (Botrytis), Dehydration (Vin Santo, Passito), Ratafia, Ice Wine, and more.

Countries discussed will include Spain, France, Italy, America, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

Of course a class like this wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive tasting of wide range of these gems of the wine world. Rarities and expensive examples will be served, along with bargains that you can use on a regular basis in your wine enjoyment at home.

I hope you can join us for this fascinating new class!


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